Apostrophiclab - Freeware fonts.
2 The Left - 21 Original PC typefaces.
04 Japan - Nice collection of bitmap fonts.
Cape Arcona - Commercial and free type.
Dafont - Lots of bitmap type.
Dieter Steffmann - Large collection of free type.
exp.typo - Orginal typefaces.
Fenotype - Free type and dingbats.
Fontalicious - Free type and dingbats.
Fontlover - Links to type resources.
Fontomas - Original, free typefaces available for a limited time. Get 'em while you can.
Hydro74 - Design studio with a handful of free fonts.
Maniackers - Links to a number of useful typefaces, Japan.
Minimal - Free typefaces.
Misprintedtype - Original typefaces and illustrations from Eduardo Recife, Brazil.
Orgdot - Bitmap fonts, Norway.
Pixelfonts - Large collection of links to sites offering bitmapped fonts.
Pixelyn - Nice collection of bitmapped type.
Rotodesign - A suave selection for your typesetting pleasure.
Superlooper - Type and wallpaper, Denmark.
Vectorize - Type from Sven Stuber, Germany.
XPDR - A nice collection of orginal typefaces.