1000 Journals are traveling from hand to hand throughout the world. Those who find them add stories and drawings and pass them on.
Australian INfront is a collaborative project space and launch pad to Australia's best online designers, artists, companies and other design related web sites.
Avocadolite - Storage of random fun ideas.
Baasch - Motion, graphics and design.
BD4D - Designers for designers.
Beast is a PDF magazine focusing on design, typography, art, illustration, photography, mind & matter and all kinds of creative exhausts.
Calendar Project is supporting fellow artists by presenting new work from participants each day.
Carbonated Jazz - Experimental and well-done audio Flash work.
Computer.Love - Design collective.
Cubadust - 3-D graphics, type and design-related blog.
d5ive - Portfolio of Paul Drohan.
Digital Ultras - Radical design collective.
Design is Kinky - Focuses on exceptional Web design and related resources.
Extra-Oomph - Linda Zacks connecting the dots.
Generationrice is an online magazine that strives to celebrate the Asian and Asian American experience.
Halfproject - Design collective and collaborative from the Philippines.
Kaliber 10k - Design collective.
Karborn - Webzine and design collective.
Karen Ingram portfolio.
Kiiroi - New Zealand design collective.
Kakosa is a weekly online magazine on Philippine culture for web designers.
Linkdup collects and categorizes websites.
Milkyelephant - Flashreels.
Nervousroom - Design blog, events calendar.
Newstoday - Artists collective.
Nul - Graphics-related blog.
Pagedown PDF webzine.
PixelSurgeon - Webzine, blog.
Quinta-Feira scrapbooks.
Ra's Page - Illustration, music and portfolio.
Shift - Impressive webzine from Japan.
Showdown.Net - Graphic design and public forum.
Stereotypography - Customizable blog panels.
The Spot - Webzine.
Striding Studio - Art and design portfolio.
Surfstation - Popular webzine and blog.
Sushinendrix - Portfolio of J. Lucas Reyes.
Swedezine - Graphic design resources.
Terrorpilot - Violence, gore, design.
ThreeOh - Digital design journal.
Twisted Show - Portfolio of Adriana de Barros.
Urban Collective - Design collaborative.
VisualOrgasm - Design portal.
Wooster Collective - A Celebration of Street Art.
xpl - Portfolio of Jay David.
Zoorex - Portfolio of Rex Advincula.